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Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Vision

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Vision

December 21, 2018


What you have can easily become what you had if the rule of proper management sounds gibberish to you. With the eye being a primary organ and a central figure that connects the soul, a correct/prudent understanding of how it can be cared for is crucial!

Caveat – Beyond the tips listed below, there are other management tips useful in keeping the eyes safe.

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Choose Eye-Friendly Diets

Understanding the nutrients that work well with the eye is everything here as it is the only way you can choose the right food. Food endowed with Vitamin C & E, lutein, zinc, and omega-3-fatty acid is what you should be on the look for. Common sources of these constituents include carrots, eggs, berries, almonds, to mention a few.

Scheduled Medical Check-up

If you think I would skip this part, then you’re way hilarious than Mr. Bean. The best way to ensure optimum safety for your organ of vision is to have a scheduled meeting with an optician. Not just that, keeping to them is also as important as setting them up. One reason why this tops the chart in terms of basic tips is the fact that it keeps you updated about the state of your eyes and shields it from conditions with great damage with no form of quick physical manifestation. You are in safe hands once you opt for the best ocularist in Delhi.

Take Breaks to Relax

Yes, I know that PCs, tablets, phones, TV and a host of other vices have become the order of the day and we tend to expend a reasonable amount of time and energy on them willingly or unwillingly. However, let’s face the truth, these activities strain the eyes and trust me, straining the eye on a regular basis can result in a whole new season of associated visual disorders. Thus, opting for the basic and ultimate form of rest – sleep is advisable. If you don’t want to sleep, take a break to relax your eyes with other activities involving little or concentration.

Quit Smoking

If you cherish your eye, you have to do away with smoking! Medically, smoking is considered a bad habit. It may be advised for some rare cases but this is often as a last resort. When you smoke and ingest the chemicals that make up your cigarette on a regular basis, you have a high tendency of suffering defects like diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, macular degeneration, and the likes. It should also be noted that those on smoking regimen have special medication, thus, if you compare yourself to them, it is high time to have a rethink before it is too late!

Embrace Sunglasses with UV Protection

Many have cultivated the habit of putting on sunglasses (especially with the ultraviolet protective feature) for fashion without knowing that they are also doing a hell of a job to maintain their vision. The use of sunglasses reduces the adverse effect of excess heat rays on the eye, thus, reducing the risk of cancerous manifestation on the skin of the eye, abnormal growth of the sclera and so on.

Other management tips include:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Prior knowledge of family eye’s health history

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