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All You Need to Know About Custom Artificial Eye in Delhi

All You Need to Know About Custom Artificial Eye in Delhi

August 8, 2018


Looking for the custom artificial eye in Delhi services? An artificial or prosthetic eye can aid in improving the appearance of individuals who could have damaged or lost an eye due to some disease or injury. It is also referred to as “fake eye” or “glass eye.”

Best artificial eyes center in Delhi can help in enhancing your overall appearance. The prosthetic eye or artificial eye include:

  • Outer, oval-shaped whitish shell that has been finished for duplicating the natural white color of the fellow eye
  • Central, round portion that has been painted to resemble the iris & pupil of the fellow eye

The process of implanting the artificial or prosthetic eye is referred to as the ocular prosthesis. This is recommended in most cases wherein the eye has been removed surgically due to some disease or injury. The ocular implant can support the proper functioning of the eyelids. Some of the main reasons why eye might be removed surgically include:

  • Glaucoma
  • Major injury
  • Eye tumors
  • Infection inside the eye

Types of Surgery for Custom Artificial Eye in Delhi

Usually, there are two distinct surgical methods for removing the injured or damaged eye and implanting an ocular prosthesis. The type of surgery performed usually tends to affect the selection of the artificial or prosthetic eye. Here are the surgery methods:

  • Evisceration: In this technique, the jelly-like material that is present inside the eye is taken or suctioned out. This is achieved through the incision made in front of the eye. The overall surgical procedure tends to preserve the tissues located in the eye socket (orbit) and the outer eye.
  • Enucleation: In this surgical technique, the entire eyeball is cut & removed from the eye socket. In this method, the surgeon will decide the surgery based on the type of eye condition you have and the level of damage or injury done to the eye.

Why is the Prosthetic or Artificial Eye Used?

A prosthetic or artificial eye can be used for improving the overall appearance of the eye that has been damaged or injured significantly. For most individuals, it turns out to be the highly preferable option in comparison to wearing a badge or eye patch.

When the entire eye is removed surgically, an ocular prosthesis or implant can help in preventing any damage to the tissues present in the eye socket. A prosthetic or artificial eye is not able to restore the lost vision. The prosthetic or artificial eyes are made out of hard, plastic acrylic material. It tends to fit over the ocular implant perfectly imparting a completely natural appearance to the eyes.

If you have damaged or injured your eyes in some disease, infection or major accident, then you can consider the option of installing prosthetic or artificial eyes surgically. When you avail services from the best custom artificial eye in Delhi, you can expect world-class results for your condition.