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Best Custom Artificial Eyes in Delhi for Your Specific Requirements

Best Custom Artificial Eyes in Delhi for Your Specific Requirements

August 8, 2018


Looking for the best custom artificial eyes in Delhi services? Crystal Artificial Eye Center in Delhi is known for offering world-class prosthetic or artificial eye services in the country. When you have damaged or injured eyes, it can be immensely difficult –both physically as well as intellectually. However, with the latest technological advancements in the field of eye care & treatment services, the advent of the artificial or prosthetic eyes has made it possible for the patients with damaged or injured eyes to overcome their consciousness and lower self-esteem.

Crystal Artificial Eye Center in Delhi has a team of the best ocularists in the nation offering world-class prosthetic eye care & treatment services to the patients. Though prosthetic eyes might not be natural, they offer the appearance of the natural eyes. Thus, it helps in boosting the overall confidence and self-esteem of those having damaged or injured eyes.

Best Custom Artificial Eyes in Delhi –When are They Needed?

Prosthetic or artificial eyes are used towards ensuring that the overall appearance of the individual is not affected even after losing an eye to surgery after an injury, infection or accident. Once the damaged eye is removed surgically (either through enucleation or evisceration), the ocularist will attach the muscles that are responsible for controlling the natural eye to respond well to the implant. This will help in providing support to the prosthetic eyes. Though the patient might not be able to see through the artificial or prosthetic eye, the attachment of the muscles to the implant will help him or her in moving the eye in tandem with the fellow eye.

As a mandatory part of the surgical process, the ocularist will place a conformer –a small device placed under the eyelid for helping it maintain the rounded shape. After several weeks, the conformer will be replaced with the artificial or prosthetic eye when the damaged eyes have healed completely from the surgery.

What are Prosthetic Eyes Made Of?

Though many individuals still prefer “glass” artificial eyes, the prosthetic eyes nowadays are made out of hard, plastic acrylic materials. The prosthetic eyes are not round in shape. In fact, only the physically visible portion of the artificial eye is rounded. The patient might have to visit the ocularist about 4 to 6 weeks after the eye-removal surgery for getting the proper adjustments or fittings of the prosthetic eyes.

How to Clean the Prosthetic Eye?

This is one of the most major concerns raised by the individuals who have the prosthetic or artificial eyes implanted. The cleaning of the prosthetic eyes ensures that the eye remains comfortable in the socket. In most typical cases, the patients are required to remove and clean the artificial eye only about every 3 weeks. The overall cleaning regimen will depend on your level of comfort.

If you have damaged your eyes during an infection, disease or accident, enjoy the benefits of restoring its natural beauty with the help of prosthetic eyes!