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Major Questions the Use of Contact Lens Has Generated and Their Answers

Major Questions the Use of Contact Lens Has Generated and Their Answers

December 21, 2018


Being the best ocular prosthesis center in Delhi means to be observant! As a result of my research, I have come to the understanding that there are several wrong notions as regards the use of contact lens and I’m simply here to clear the air.

Is it safe to wear soft contact lenses during sleep?

Answer: FDA, recently endorsed some set of soft contact lenses for sleeping prior to proper testing for safety. Nevertheless, it is crucial to obey the instructions provided by your consultant. On the flipside of things, sleeping with a daily wear lens is not advisable because of the lack of oxygen it presents may damage your eye or result in the presence of extraneous blood vessels.

Is it safe to order contact lenses online?

Answer: Sure! There is nothing bad in doing so far you in search of the “right” contact lens. Right in the sense that it is the lens prescribed to you by your best eye service practitioner. Besides this, there is a need to constantly visit your consultant to know if your lens is in the right shape and your eyes are healthy. You should never think of going for a new lens without your specialist’s direction.

How advisable is it to switch contact lens solution?

Answer: This is totally not advisable due to so many reasons and I will tell you some. First, you need to understand the fact that each contact lens solution comes with different chemical composition ranging from harsh preservatives that allow for allergic reactions to the less severe ones. Once you have your recommended lens, it is advisable to stick to it unless it is stated otherwise by your doctor.

Is Swimming allowed with soft contact lenses?

Answer: If you’re a soft contact lens user, it is advisable to swim with googles. Exposing the lens to water can be a very dangerous move as most swimming pools inhabit filthy bug such as Acanthamoeba. This and other dangerous insects can cause severe pain and damage to the eyes. In addition, the water may affect the fitting of your lens, thus, it either you swim without them or make use of googles. Another option is the use of one-day lenses.

Why do some contact lenses feel drier than others?

Answer: Plastic and silicones are the major raw materials of contact lenses. Each comes with different characteristics with some presenting elements of more water content than the other. Contact lenses may have a different level of dryness based on factors like your health, how much you blink, humidity, wind, temperature, lens maintenance and level of medication. However, there are new models of lenses that can withstand dehydration and evaporation.

Why do blood vessels grow into the color of the eyes?

Answer: As I mentioned earlier, constant use of contact lens (especially during overnight wear) may result in an insufficient level of oxygen level which stimulates the growth of new blood vessels into the cornea where blood vessels are not meant to exist. The more these blood vessels grow the more problem it presents to the eye and once you stop, those vessels remain and are known as ghost vessels because they don’t contain blood anymore. Resumption of contact lens is directly proportional to the level of neovascularization.

Some users of rigid gas permeable contact lenses complain of irritation in their eye after gusts of wind, why?

Answer: This occurs majorly because rigid gas permeable lenses, unlike soft lens are smaller and don’t cover the cornea completely. In other words, when a gust of wind gets into the tears along with its component. Upon blinking, tears are meant to get under the lenses causing irritation. The use of eye drops seems like the perfect remedy to this.

By now, I’m sure you understand why most of the events you experience happen and what you need to do. In case you have questions not mentioned here, kindly visit the best artificial eye service in Delhi by clicking and we will be glad to help you!