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Ocular prosthesis vs. Contact lens – what’s the difference?

Ocular prosthesis vs. Contact lens – what’s the difference?

January 29, 2019


Your solution to ocular problems:

Contact lenses have become popular world over, because they are very convenient to use, and most people opt for it over anything else. People are of the opinion that they are ubiquitous, and because they are very thin, lightweight and have the ability to change the color of an individual’s eye, they have become the go to option for most people. And this maybe the reason that people don’t look beyond contact lenses for other options when it come sot dealing with a disfigured or damaged eye. They think it’s the least intrusive and only method for them to make their damaged or disfigured eye look normal again.

But this is not true. There are other options available for people who are looking to deal with a damaged eye or part of an eye. The use of an ocular prosthesis is also becoming increasingly popular, although slowly and steadily, because people have realized that it may have more advantages to it than the use of contact lenses. They are not limiting themselves to the use of contact lenses and are becoming more open to try out other options such as ocular prosthesis, because they believe that it may indeed give them a better quality of life.

What makes them different?

A contact although thing and lightweight, may not be the perfect option for all cases of damaged and disfigured eyes. For example even minor trauma to the eye, can mean that your eye no longer has a regular shape and size, and you may be having red eyes as a result of retinal detachment, and in these cases wearing contact lenses may not be the best option, because they cannot fit into your eye perfectly, and as a result of this, when you eye moves, the lens also tends to get detached, mover around as well as bend, making it really uncomfortable and painful for the wearer.

Therefore even though most people may find that wearing contact lenses is the easy way out, it may not be the safest and most comfortable option for them.

Exploring ocular prosthesis:

What most people don’t know is that an ocular prosthesis may be a better option for them. Because a prosthesis is made to fit the cornea of the wearer perfectly and snugly, using the exact measurements of the orbital socket, in order to fill the entire volume. Therefore, a prosthetic is always more stable on the eye, comfortable and is considered to be self-cleaning because it fits in so well. They are almost like a shell sitting on top of your eye, and can be used by people who can see and cannot see as well. Most people are under the impression, that since these ocular prostheses are made out of acrylic plastic or glass, they may be heavy, really uncomfortable to wear and required regular cleaning. But this is not so. In fact an ocular prosthesis needs to cleaned less frequently than contact lenses, needs to be replaced less frequently and is much more economical for the client in the long run.

The most common reason why people have shied away from ocular prosthesis over time has been the misconceptions that have been making the rounds regarding them. But if you head to one of the best ocularists in town, they can help you get your hands on a high quality ocular prosthesis, which does not look any different to your natural eye.