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The best ocularist for the perfect prosthetic eye color

The best ocularist for the perfect prosthetic eye color

January 29, 2019


What is a prosthetic eye?

A prosthetic eye, is an artificial eye where you will be given a concave shaped shell like structure which has to be placed within your orbital cavity. It’s almost like placing a covering on the surface of your eye. But here you will be placing this prosthesis over an artificial orbit, because an ocular prosthesis is used in people who have lost their natural eye due to conditions such as enucleation, orbital exenteration and ocular evisceration. Therefore once an artificial orbit has been placed into your socket, you can use an ocular prosthesis to cover the artificial orbit and protect it.

It is manufactured in such a way by the best ocularist, so that it doesn’t look any different from the natural eye. It is made to resemble the natural eye in shape and color, so that the wearer will not be uncomfortable to be seen with it. And this process to making it look at natural as possible requires great skill and care form the ocularist, and with the use of the latest technology, a good ocularist will be able to produce exemplary results.

What is a perfect prosthetic eye?

A perfect prosthetic eye is obviously one which doesn’t make the wearer feel uncomfortable while wearing it. Therefore getting the exact measurements of the wearer’s orbital cavity and producing the perfect fit is a critical aspect making an ocular prosthesis, and most people will go onto say that it is by far the most important as well. But is this all that matters? Of course not, because there can be instances where the wearer may be happy with the fit of the prosthetic, but the color of the artificial eye is not to their liking, because it is not the perfect resemblance of their natural eye.

The development of technology has made it possible to help these people who are unhappy with the artistic details of their prosthetic eye. For example, the iris of the artificial eye maybe looking grainy, the brush strokes maybe be visible on the prosthesis, because it is of low resolution, or the coloring of the prosthesis itself maybe poor. All of these will be making the wearer unhappy about their prosthesis. But we can help you change that. Because we believe that with digital technology, we can replicate the fit of an ocular prosthesis, and give you an improved artistic quality for your artificial eye, which you will be happy with.

The job of an ocularist has always been a fine balance between technicality and artistry, and some may feel that the use of cutting edge technology in ocularistry may be taking the artistic aspect away from it. But this is not true. Because in order to be a good ocularist, you have to always have an artistic mind, which cannot be taken away. And a digital iris is in no way less artistic than irises made using the traditional methods.

And we believe that with the use of the best in technology we are able to give our clients the perfect artificial eye in all aspects, from the fit to the appearance of it, so that they have nothing to complain about. And all of this perfection can be achieved in record time with the help of the latest technology, making it very pleasing to the client.