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Get a New Life with Artificial Eye Service in Delhi

Get a New Life with Artificial Eye Service in Delhi

August 8, 2018


The Ocular Prosthetic or artificial eye service in Delhi is one-of-its-kind services in the city. The best artificial eye service in Delhi aims at offering the best-in-class eye care & treatment services to the patients who might require the implantation of Ocular Prosthetics or Artificial Eyes.

Artificial eye service in Delhi is one of the most sought-after eye care & treatment services that aim that correcting the overall aesthetics and vision of the individuals having difficulty in viewing properly due to an impaired or damaged eye. Ocular prosthetics serves to be an artificial eye. This artificial eye is implanted in the patients that might suffer from a wide range of health conditions including trauma, injury, surgery, and even cancer.

While some of the patients might have shrunken damaged eyes (also known as phthisical eyes), abnormally small eyes (known as microphthalmos) with no potential for vision, or congenital absence of eyes (anophthalmos) –artificial eye services help them all get a new life with improved vision capabilities. These conditions might result in the deformation or disfigurement of the face which might impact the patients psychologically.

The cosmetic rehabilitation of the patients with the help of artificial eyes or ocular prosthesis will help in restoring the overall confidence of the patients as it helps in improving the physical appearance naturally. The artificial eyes or ocular prosthesis could be fitted behind the eyelids over the shrunken eyeball. Another way of doing it is through the orbital implant that could be placed after the surgical removal of the eye.

What are the Different Kinds of Artificial Eyes?

When you avail the best artificial eyes service in Delhi, you can come across different types of options including:

  • Scleral Shells –These are made of thin, transparent plastic material with centralized dark-colored that resemble the cornea. This material is then implanted on the patients and gets hidden completely under the central dark-colored disc.
  • Stock Shells –These are ready made artificial eye shells that are made out of acrylic. These shells are available in a wide range of shapes & sizes. The stock shells are usually fitted in patients having moderately shrunken eyeballs and in newborn or children with microphthalmos (abnormally small eyes) or anophthlamos (absence of an eye).
  • Custom-made Prosthesis: These are made out of high-quality acrylic material that can be customized to fit the patient’s eye appropriately.

Custom-made Artificial Eye Service in Delhi

A patient is recommended to the Ocularist for the creation of a custom-made prosthesis or artificial eye when the surgeon observes that the wound of the socket has healed completely & is completely ready for the fitting of the artificial eye. The iris of the eye is painted on the acrylic prosthesis according to the pattern and color of the fellow eye’s iris. The entire shell is then polished towards ensuring sounded edges and smooth surface with the clear acrylic coating.

The artificial eye service in Delhi is one of the most sought-after eye care & treatment services owing to its efficiency and top-notch quality. Avail now!